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See below examples of recent project work.

Case Study Mini Man Cave


In the home installation above, we have put in a 3,5 meter Electric Screen, 6000 Lumen 3 LCD Full HD Gaming Projector ( 6000 Lumen used due to the amount of ambient light in the room), Full HD Gaming Console , Blue Ray player , Multi Media player with 2 Terra bits of storage , CD Player, Full HD TV PVR, AV Receiver, 3 Transducers ( flat dual magnetic speaker that is put into the chairs for vibration that matches what you see on the Screen) , 5.1 Surround Speaker System, Power Amplifier ( the Power Amplifier was used to power the Transducers in the chairs) . All of the units are built into the fire place that has been decommissioned behind the screen. All units work off one remote and have one touch macros; if the TV button is pressed the AV Receiver will perform source selection; if the Game button is pressed the  AV Receiver will select source, change to the correct Audio Track, and switch the Gaming Console on )

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Case Study Board Room

Asset Interiors - Alegro Capital

In the installation above we have a Large Format Screen flush mount into a wall, 6 in-desk connection points(laptops/ tablets audio and video), Sound System with ceiling speakers, Curtains and Lights Automated, a PC built into the back wall. Up to 12 different users at the same time can interact with each other at any given time. Room control is achieved with only remote, Lights,TV,Curtains,Sound System and Air Conditioner . Various Macros keys included as well, eg when you engage the Screen the Curtains would close and the Lights would dim and Sound System would go on. The PC would already be on the home Network so you would not need to print anything , anybody who was jacked into the system would get whatever files directly to their Lap Top or Tablet to save on paper costs.

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Case Study High End Lounge


In this installation, we have had to build in a Textured Wall with channelling for all the cables so they would not be seen, recess a TV into the Textured Wall to give a flush look and once that was done a basket weave finish was applied to the Textured Wall to give the block effect. There is also a Stereo Sound System for the room consisting of  an AV Receiver, Blu Ray Multimedia player ,Wireless Sub Woofer and Multi Zone Audio System ( player to different rooms the same or different music) . The Lights in the room in question are all Automated and works off a Profile and Mood System. Every user in the house has a different Profile ; depending on which user you are the lights would go to pre determined settings for your specific profile. Once in your profile, you can select a mood; For example if you select Romance, the lights would dim 50% , your favourite Romance songs would play at 50% volume and the fire place would go on. If you pressed Party mood, lights would go to 100% and the favourite Party song would play at 85% volume and so on.  The system can have 20 different Profiles and each Profile has 10 Mood settings. Everything works off one remote and there are a many one touch macros in place so that more than one process happens with one button, e.g. for your profile,  at the touch of the ‘On’ button, the TV  and Sound Systems go on, and the lights dim .

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Case Study Domestic Home Projector and Electric Screen


In the image above, we have installed a 3.7 meter electric screen, a 5400 lumen Full HD Projector to cope with ambient light , a 48 speaker sound bar and wireless sub-woofer, Apple TV box , Multi Media player and a Full HD TV Decoder . There is Home Automation in this room as well controlling the Projector , the Electric Screen , the Lights, the Curtains and the Sources (Apple TV and Multi Media player). If the User puts the Apple TV /Multi Media player on, first the Curtains would close , secondly the Electric Screen would come down , thirdly the Projector and Sound Bar would come on and lastly of all the Lights would dim. All this happens with the touch of one button. There were some variations addedm for instance to allow everything to  be activated but without the curtains closing or the lights dimming. The Multi Media player and Apple TV unit were connected on the home network so that the end user would have no problems streaming Full HD audio and Video. There is also a 6 x 6 HDMI Matrix Switch with IR Pick up ( so you may change channels , select movies and so on from another room). The Matrix Switch takes 6 sources( Apple TV, Full HD Decoder,Multi Media Player) can be watched from 6 different TV’s in the home in Full HD. They can all watch the same source or different sources.

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Case Study Board Room Reception


The installation above consists of the following : 55″Full HD LED Screen, a Hydro-Port in the middle of the desk consisting of the connections(HDMI, VGA, 3,5mm Stereo Audio Jack,Network Connection and Power Point). There is also a 8 X 8 HDMI Matrix switch that manages the audio and video signals.  The Video Conferencing unit installed works directly off the 55″ LED Screen. Last but by no mean least we have an integrated controller that works everything at the touch of a button on a programmed Ipad. For example if you were to press the Video Conference icon, the integrated controller would put the screen on(if it wasn’t already) choose the corresponding video input , turn the mic on , Video Conferencing unit on and so on. Everything works off one touch icons on the Ipad.

In the Reception area we have a 47″ Full HD LED Screen , wall mounted with a Media Player behind the screen as to not be visible . The Media Player in question runs the Digital Sign-Age applications on that specific screen, that can be accessed by anyone in the office environment . With the amount of processing power that the Media Player has, streaming video from online source is very achievable.

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