West Row Community Primary School (Cambridgeshire) was previously using desktop computers to provide pupils and teachers with an enhanced learning and teaching experience. However, these computers were approaching their end of life.

A cost-effective desktop refresh was therefore under consideration

This was the ideal scenario for deploying the NComputing L300 virtual desktop solution, a compact and ultra-efficient device offering standard peripheral support and IP connectivity, centrally managed using the NComputing vSpace management platform.

Under a carefully planned sequence of actions, the new virtual NComputing desktops were mounted onto the rear of monitors,connected to the peripherals and networked. At this point, virtual desktop devices became visible on the management platform, where they were quickly integrated within the existing active directory environment. Finally, user profiles were configured using typical group policy settings, for a full virtual desktop environment in use by pupils only a few hours later.

NComputing offers education establishments the following key benefits:NComputing costs up to a third less than traditional desktop machines

  • NComputing is implemented in days, not weeks or months
  • NComputing virtual desktops have a lifespan of up to 8 years
  • NComputing can be configured for high availability environments at a low cost
  • NComputing supports any typical desktop usage scenario (web, multimedia, processing)
  • NComputing reduces the cost of Microsoft licensing
  • NComputing can be used to convert an existing computer into a virtual desktop (vClient)
  • NComputing enables up to 100 virtual desktops/users per vSpace server instance

Today is the perfect moment to consider NComputing for your educational establishment: it will save you money and enhance the overall learning and teaching experience.

Breathe Technology is a specialist systems integrator offering education, public and private sector customers with specialist solutions for business operations based on ICT innovations.

Our team of expert consultants is ready to help you achieve superior levels of performance as an educational establishment and we would like to help you achieve maximum return on investment.

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