Video Walls

A Video wall comprises of multiple screens grouped together to form one large display or multiple images.

This offers unrivalled flexibility and functionality, with the option of displaying full LED resolution and featuring multiple videos at once, Video Walls of any size can be constructed in very creative ways allowing customised content to be displayed in clear, inviting images.

Working with only the best suppliers, using only Plasma, LCD and LED screens designed specifically for Video Displays, we offer professional installation and bespoke solutions. We give you the flexibility to choose your own bevel size, whether it’s slim or ultra slim, giving you the power to choose what works best for you.

So no matter how big your project, whether it’s two screens or 24, we can install spectacular visuals, in a range of sizes.

Why use a Video Wall?

Video Walls have many attributes and advantages, with image display capability and flexibility that simply cannot be achieved otherwise.

  • Larger display area – improved audience draw and retention.
  • Higher aggregate resolution – ability to deliver more detailed content.
  • Distributed displays – ability to deliver content to multiple locations.
  • Multiple content sources – ability to deliver multiple simultaneous messages.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Enhanced Environment. Businesses and institutions are increasingly turning to video walls for effective communications in reception areas, conference rooms and public spaces.
  • Effective communication. Integrated with digital signage software displaying real-time data from any data source to create targeted, engaging messages.
  • .Lowest cost of operation. With their long life expectancy, minimal consumables involved, serviceable mounts for ease of access to individual monitors and rapid response, you can rest assured that these combined will lead to an overall low cost of operation, with monitors having a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours, superior long-life performance is a definite.
  • Increased Engagement. Video Wall displays allow customers, visitors and staff to interact with information and create a more memorable and meaningful experience. This will leave a longer lasting effect on the experience and increase engagement levels.
  • Improved efficiency. A video wall automates service operations making daily operations more efficient and streamlined; Messages can be created, scheduled and distributed across multiple sites from one central location.
    Tailored Designs. Professional Installation. Expert Training.