Security is an issue that affects all organisations, regardless of their size and the days where hackers penetrated companies to steal specific information has evolved to a risk far greater. Even small 5-person companies can become part of a bot network and be used for mass spamming purposes.

Failing to install appropriate antivirus software on individual machines or to protect your network with a firewall can result in networks being used as a base for proxy attacks, sensitive information being stolen and sold in and your entire network crashing because of virus damage.

That’s discounting the high risks associated with data breach as a result of losing laptops or USB devices.

Not taking the necessary steps to protect your organisation from cybercrime can have serious financial and legal consequences.

We are currently recommending all our customers to replace their traditional hardware firewalls with next generation UTM firewalling (unified threat management solutions). They will provide a cost effective “all in one” approach to cater for most of your networking security needs

Next generation UTM Offers:

  • High throughput to cope with increased internet and LAN connectivity
  • Greater visibility over network traffic, patterns and user-level security
  • Ability to manage and control social media applications (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Intrusion detection  and prevention
  • High Performance Deep Packet Inspection
  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam /Anti-Malware
  • Instant Messaging Filtering
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Professional Reporting
  • Comprehensive graphical reporting
  • Remote SSL VPN portal based remote access
  • Built-in corporate wireless controller (access can simply be added)

By implementing the full benefits of UTM, you will find that:

  • Your network becomes faster (traffic is optimized)
  • Users have increased productivity (security filtering enhances internet use)
  • IT staff becomes more responsive (UTM simplifies network administration)
  • Management has a clear vision of security practices (built-in Reporting & Intelligence)
  • The organization as a whole becomes less vulnerable (Security & Business become aligned)

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