With organisations constantly tightening their belts and austerity measures becoming more commonplace, it is becoming increasingly difficult for IT personnel to provide high levels of service without compromising on performance, reliability and security. This is particularly true of big companies with large user bases such as schools, colleges and universities.

However, maintaining high standards of service and providing employees with the latest software versions is not as expensive as you might think, as a number of our clients have discovered by investing in our desktop virtualization solution. Unlike other solutions, it offers cost savings from the outset as well as ongoing reduced maintenance and energy bills.

Our solution (which is based on Ncomputing technology) will not only make your IT resources go further by giving you the ability to potentially triple your user base for the same budget, but also provide more flexibility and access to IT resources. Other benefits include: longer life expectancy of your IT assets, fewer desktop refreshes, centralised management, centralised software installs and Windows updates, less energy consumption (only 5 watts per unit), less noise and heat production.

NComputing has recently been selected as a CRN 100 Virtualization Vendor, a who’s who list of the leading virtualization vendors. This annual list, researched and finalized by a renowned channel industry peer group, recognizes the most innovative and forward-thinking vendors in the virtualization market. Follow this link to find out more www.breathetechnology.com/ncomputing

We are the only accredited supplier for Ncomputing technology in East Anglia. We have a proven track record in designing and installing VDI systems that work and can offer exclusive pricing.

If your budget is limited we can help with project financing arrangements, even under the most challenging conditions. If you want to make your resource go further or you are interested in financing a project, then call us on 01223 209920 or send an email to sales@breathetechnology.com to discuss your requirements.

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