Toyota Connected

In addition to IT infrastructure, Breathe Technology installed Smart displays, lighting, and sound equipment in the auditorium, ensuring a state-of-the-art audio-visual experience for presentations, meetings, and events. This included strategic placement of Smart displays for impactful presentations, optimised lighting for immersive experiences, and high-quality sound systems for clear and engaging audio.

The integration of Logitech video conference equipment further enhanced communication capabilities, ensuring high-quality audio and video interactions throughout the office.

For security, Breathe Technology installed a comprehensive CCTV camera system with strategic coverage, connected to an NVR for real-time monitoring and secure storage of recorded footage, providing an additional layer of protection to Toyota Connected EU’s office space.

  • Smart displays, lighting, and sound equipment installed in the auditorium for presentations and meetings.
  • Logitech video conference equipment integrated for enhanced communication.
  • Comprehensive CCTV camera system installed for security.
  • Results and Benefits:
  • Seamless audio-visual experience in the auditorium.
  • Efficient communication with Logitech video conferencing.
  • Robust IT infrastructure ensuring minimal disruption.
  • Secure network and surveillance system for data and system protection.