C Lewis World Wide

Breathe Technology successfully addressed C. Lewis’ needs by installing advanced audio-visual solutions tailored to their boardroom and directors’ offices. The project not only enhanced communication and collaboration within the organization but also showcased Breathe Technology’s expertise in delivering customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of their clients. Overall, the installation exemplified Breathe Technology’s commitment to leveraging technology to optimize business operations and enhance user experiences.


  • Logitech video conferencing equipment for high-quality remote meetings.
  • Large screens for clear and immersive presentations.
  • Direct integration with the boardroom’s existing audio system for seamless audio-visual communication.

Directors’ Offices:

  • Ceiling-mounted smart TVs for space optimization and ergonomic viewing.
  • Integration with the organization’s network for easy access to digital content and communication tools.

Digital Signage:

  • Strategically placed digital signage displays for internal communications and announcements.
  • Customized content management system for easy updating of digital signage content.