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Is your network security at risk?

Security is an issue that affects all organisations, regardless of their size and the days where hackers penetrated companies to steal specific information has evolved to a risk far greater. Even small 5-person companies can become part of a bot network and be used for mass spamming purposes.

Failing to install appropriate antivirus software on individual machines or to protect your network with a firewall can result in networks being used as a base for proxy attacks, sensitive information being stolen and sold in and your entire network crashing because of virus damage.

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Desktop Virtualization

With organisations constantly tightening their belts and austerity measures becoming more commonplace, it is becoming increasingly difficult for IT personnel to provide high levels of service without compromising on performance, reliability and security. This is particularly true of big companies with large user bases such as schools, colleges and universities.

However, maintaining high standards of service and providing employees with the latest software versions is not as expensive as you might think, as a number of our clients have discovered by investing in our desktop virtualization solution. Unlike other solutions, it offers cost savings from the outset as well as ongoing reduced maintenance and energy bills.

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